He’s stilll siiingiiing about things that make him saaaad, and sometiiiimes happyyyyy, now he lives in Los Angeleeees, where it doesn’t rain anymore, aaahhhhh Steve Coogan’s impression of Morrissey, The Trip to Italy (via jsykes)

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There was a hint in the air that the earth was hurrying on toward other weather; the lush midsummer moment outside of time was already over. (F. Scott Fitzgerald, tender is the night)
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If anything, muse is a floating abstraction that reveals itself unpredictably. It seems to come from nowhere, but in fact is rooted in words, language, books, the process of reading. I believe that you should fill yourself up with good things, the things that give you pleasure, make you happy, give you a high, a spark, a thrill. And then, if you’re lucky, one or two of those things will find their way back to you when you least expect it and most need it. Those moments when, as Louise Bourgeois would say, you are in need of a solution to a problem. Moyra Davey, “Polyvalence,” Art in America, January 2012. (via bbyear)
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